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Life insurance for your data. Knowing that you are covered when you need it most, is priceless.

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Why should you worry about backups?

How much is your data worth to YOU?

Whether it is your life’s memories in letters, photos, e-mails, or your business’s financial information for the last 10 years, cybercriminals do not care. All they are interested in is getting hold of your money. In 99% of all cyber attacks, the only defense is your BACKUPS.


  • In 2019 ransomware caused $11.9 bn in damages globally
  • In most cases where the ransom was paid, the decryption keys was not provided and the data was lost.
  • The only way the data could be recovered was by restoring the last backups


  • House break in every 126 seconds
  • Hijack every 188 seconds
  • 55 Business robberies per day


  • Data recovery is very expensive
  • Capturing data again takes time and money
  • You are liable for your clients data

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Backup all your desktops, laptops and mobile phones on a single account



Secure all your data located on your servers, desktops and laptops against viruses and ransomware


Websites & Phones

Store your websites and mobile phone data on your backup platform for easy management


Why is Backup Better?


Backups are scheduled to run daily. As long as your devices are connected to the internet, you can relax and know that your data will be sent to the cloud securely.


All the data is encrypted with state of the art AES 256 bit encryption. Your data is encrypted when the backup starts and while in transit to the cloud servers.

Daily Reports

Get a report in your E-Mail every day. This shows you what was backed up and when. You will never be left wondering if your data is safe or not.

Scalable storage

No matter what your needs are, our storage platform can accommodate any size project. Backup big databases or just a few family photos.


After the initial data has been done, the data is then sent to the server incrementally. This makes the backups lightning fast only sending new data.

Data Retention

You have up to 6 months of retention of the backed up data as standard with any selected backup package.

Can Store Up To:

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Word Documents
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PDF Documents

Powerful Tools for Admins

The Acronis Cyber Cloud platform offers a powerful web-based management console that saves IT administrators time and allows for a holistic overview of the entire organization. Acronis Cyber Cloud not only sends your backups to the cloud but offers an array of features built-in.

  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture
  • Defenses against malware | ransomware
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Remote, and bare-metal recovery
  • Universal Restore
  • Physical Data Shipping
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup (Office 365 | G Suite)
  • Disk-image backups

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Basic Information (CLICK ME)

Want to know about our backups in a nutshell?


Data sheet (CLICK ME)

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Dashboards (CLICK ME)

Easy to understand dashboards


Office 365 | G Suite (CLICK ME)

Simply manage your mail backups from a single screen


VM Management (CLICK ME)

Managing your Virtual Machine backups with the click of a button


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Our Price Plan


From 99 Per Month
  • 30GB - 50GB Storage
  • Windows | Mac | Linux
  • Unlimited Computers
  • Daily Reports
  • 6 Months Data Retention


From 149 Per Month
  • 50GB - 2.5TB Storage
  • Windows | Mac | Linux
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Unlimited Workstations
  • Daily Reports
  • 6 Months Data Retention​


From 249 Per Month
  • 50GB - 2.5TB Storage ​
  • Windows | Mac | Linux​
  • Unlimited Servers | Computers​​
  • Remote bare-metal recovery
  • Advanced Administration Roles
  • Advanced Reporting
  • 6 Months Data Retention​​

Simple, Fast & Reliable

Ready to protect your data but don’t want to signup online? Many people and businesses prefer not to use their credit cards for online services. Simply follow these few steps…

  • Select your backup package
  • Click the "Give Me a Call" button
  • Provide us with your company information

Home Backups

Mobile Devices

Backup all your mobile phones and manage them all on the same system

Unlimited Laptops & Desktops

Backup as many Laptops and Desktops as you want.


Backups start from R99. Only pay for the space you need.

Business Backups

Unlimited Servers

Backup all your mobile phones and manage them all on the same system

Unlimited Workstations

Backup as many Laptops and Desktops as you want.

Central Management

Manage all your devices from a single point

Optional Backups

Have a look at all the extras!

Scale your storage to where you want it to be. If you feel the selected package does not give you enough space, just add more space on the checkout page.

Add and manage your mobile devices from the same backup platform.

Backup your websites and databases with the click of a button.

Backup your entire VM instance.

Never lose your E-Mail again. Safely backup your Office 365 mailbox to your backup platform.

Safely store your Google G Suite data to your own backup system.


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